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A continually evolving project

Over the past three years, we have focused on improving our production techniques and the quality of the products offered.

The research we conducted on raw materials has been crucial to understanding their characteristics and deriving maximum value from them. Customer feedback has also been essential in this process, helping us understand your needs today.

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Our team

Behind the scenes. A team of young guys with clear and... delicious ideas!

Paul Trueman


Emma Newman

Assistant chef

Oscar Oldman

Drew Carlyle


Excellent meat and sandwiches, the owners take particular care in the choice of raw materials and their processing. Nice and attentive, the pulled pork bun is definitely worth trying! Few ingredients that create a perfect balance of flavors.

Manuel Ronzani

Oh mama!! I brought a friend of mine here and we had a piadina with chicken kebab and cabbage, and that wonderful bun with their smoked pulled pork, red berry BBQ sauce (if I'm not mistaken). The contrast between the strong flavor of the pulled pork and the freshness of the sauce and purple cabbage was amazing!!

Giusy Geraci

Amazing sandwiches! Excellent quality ingredients and enthusiasm in preparing the various choices. Imagination and skill in composition. The place is small, but the host is friendly and welcoming and if necessary you can do take away. The choice of beers and soft drinks is also excellent.

Anna Valastro

Top of the top. I went last night with my girlfriend, we got pulled pork sandwiches (space) and onion rings, we spent the right amount. (for being practically in the center of Venice) Fast service despite the amount of people, kind and precise guys. I can't wait to return to Venice to eat here again.

Marco Carletti

Our new favorite place! We tried three of their sandwiches as we were truly spoiled for choice and we must say that we were really impressed! All delicious and with top ingredients! They also have a crazy vegetarian sandwich, perfect for those who don't eat meat (but also for those who do).

Christian Gravante

We spent a day in Venice and stopped to eat a good sandwich in this very welcoming little place. The guys are super nice and available to satisfy every request, they also use the highest quality ingredients!! Everything was truly delicious, the Pulled Pork Bun was something fabulous!😍 Super recommended!

Lisa Bacelle

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